7 Braided Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

While any woman can rock a braid, there’s no denying that they look especially stunning on black women. Maybe cause that’s where they originated and there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating looks with this timeless hair trend.

If you need some inspiration for your next hairstyle, check out these 7 braided hairstyle ideas for black women.

1. Cornrows

Cornrows are one of the most popular types of braids for black women. They can be worn as a standalone style or as part of a more intricate design.
If you’re looking for a protective style, cornrows are a great option. They can be worn for weeks at a time and don’t require much upkeep.

2. Box Braids

Box braids are another popular option for black women. They offer the same benefits as cornrows but are often quicker and easier to style.

3. Braided Updo

Not all braided styles have to be worn down. Braided updos are a great way to keep your hair out of your face while still looking stylish.

4. Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is a simple but chic way to style your hair. It’s perfect for days when you want to keep your hair off your face but don’t want to wear it in a bun or updo.

5. Braided Bangs

If you have bangs, you can incorporate them into a braided hairstyle. Braided bangs look especially cute with box braids or cornrows.

6. goddess Braids

Goddess braids are a type of cornrow that is worn down the back of the head. They can be worn as a standalone style or as part of a larger braided updo or ponytail.

7. Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a type of cornrow that originated in Africa. They are characterized by their thin, delicate braids and often incorporate beads or other decorations.

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