6 Ways to Wear Radiant Orchid, 2014’s Color of the Year

Pantone has announced that the color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. Overall reaction so far seems to be that for fashion, it is better than 2013’s Emerald Green, and it is easy to find already. Even if you are not a fan of the lavender/orchid/lilac color family, there are many possibilities to work Radiant Orchid into your 2014 wardrobe. Orchid feels more versatile. Colors like turquoise and emerald bring very distinct shades to mind. In working with orchid, however, you can slide up and down the purple scale. Go for jewel tones or pastels; look for gray undertones or pink; or even head toward the neon end of the spectrum in items like nail polish!

Here are a few ideas to get you started with Radiant Orchid:

1. Add a spring note to your winter wardrobe.

As the holidays pass and the bleak prospect of January and February loom on the horizon, the winter blahs can set in, in your wardrobe as well as your mood. The enjoyment of darker colors has faded with the fall. It is time to brighten your wardrobe again! Orchid is a wonderful combination with all shades of gray and will complement winter whites as well. Another possibility is choosing a purple shade for outerwear like a winter coat or jacket, livening up a very workaday part of your wardrobe.

2. Consider the feminine power suit.

Orchid and other purple colors work wonderfully as solids and separates for business looks. If you regularly wear suits but like more feminine colors, radiant orchid in a jewel tone shade makes you feel like a lady, but without the cloying feel of Barbie-like pinks. If an entire suit feels a little over the top, an orchid-colored blouse can add a pop of color to a darker, neutral suit.

feminine power suit
feminine power suit

3. Look through your cosmetics.

Chances are you have some orchid shades among your makeup colors already, and if nothing else, you should give Radiant Orchid a try as a nail polish color. In the depths of winter, a bright glimpse of purple on fingers and toes can give your spirit a lift, and the color will transition into sunnier days of spring and summer as a playful look.

4. Flash forward to spring and summer.

Radiant Orchid promises great things for spring and summer wardrobes. It is a fabulous color for chic dresses for weddings and outdoor parties. The floral color is perfect for tropical prints in summer sundresses and swimwear as well.

l'ete et le printemps
l’ete et le printemps

5. Prints, prints, prints.

Radiant Orchid is one of a range of purples that can combine together for fantastic prints in scarves, bags, and other accessories. Florals are a natural, but the color will work wonderfully in abstract or watercolor style prints as well as sharp stripes and geometrics.

6. Go a little wild.

Purples in general, and Radiant Orchid among them, evoke feelings of energy, creativity, and fun. An unexpected splash of purple livens up everything from shoes to winter hats and gloves, to hair accessories. If you don’t like it on the outside, try some gorgeous orchid colored lingerie. Only you have to know that you have sexy purple on under your polished conservative exterior.

However you decide to embrace the color of the year, you will have plenty of options for adding Radiant Orchid to your looks.

Woman in radiant orchid sari Woman in radiant orchid sari
Indian woman in radiant orchid sari

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