6 Key Beauty Trends From New York Fashion Week

There were plenty on the catwalks, as well as a few key beauty trends that we think are going to be big this season. Here’s our pick of the best…

1. Dewy skin

Gone are the days of matte, caked-on foundation. This season it’s all about healthy, dewy skin that looks like you’ve just stepped out of a yoga class (even if you haven’t). To get the look, ditch the heavy products in favor of lighter coverage foundations and tinted moisturizers, and make sure to hydrate your skin from within by upping your water intake. Add a touch of glow with a liquid highlighter or illuminator mixed in with your foundation for extra radiance.
2. Bold brows

Bold brows were everywhere on the catwalks this season – think thick, bushy and slightly unkempt for an effortless take on the trend. If you don’t have naturally full brows then help them along with a tinted brow gel or powder applied with a light hand. And don’t forget to brush them through with a spoolie brush before stepping out – messy is good but unruly is not!
3. Graphic eyeliner

while winged liner will always have its place in our hearts (and makeup bags), there was something very fresh and modern about graphic eyeliner seen at shows like Christian Siriano and Oscar de la Renta this season. Whether it was bold blocks of color or geometric shapes drawn onto lids, it definitely made us want to experiment with our own liner skills! If you fancy giving it a go yourself then start by perfecting your technique with classic black liquid liner before moving onto brighter shades or more creative designs – practice makes perfect!
4.. Pink eyeshadow While most people tend to shy away from pink eyeshadow because they think it won’t suit them, we say give it a try! The right shade can actually be really flattering on all eye colors – just take inspiration from shows like Marc Jacobs where models wore soft baby pinks blended into their creases for pretty yet understated results.. To find your perfect hue , hold various shades up against your skin tone until you find one that complements both your coloring and clothes . Then simply sweep it across lids using either fingers or brushes depending on desired intensity .

5.. Glossy lips Lip gloss made something of a comeback last year , but this season we saw an even bigger return thanks to glossy lips making appearances at shows including Bottega Veneta , Fendi and Max Mara .. The great thing about lip gloss is that anyone can wear it regardless of age or style – plus ,it instantly makes teeth look whiter ! Just make sure to keep hair off face so as not apply any unwanted product while prepping lips beforehand by exfoliating dead skin cells away ..

6.. Natural nails This isn ‘ t necessarily new trend per se but rather one which has been steadily growing over recent years as women increasingly opt for more natural nail shapes , colors and finishes instead long acrylic talons . This fuss free approach extends fashion week where clean cuticle lines paired nude polish hues reigned supreme backstage … So there ‘ s our roundup New York Fashion Week SS21 ! We hope these trends inspire try something new when doing own makeup next time around .

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