5 Practical Tips to Help You Hide Your Bra Straps

hide bra straps

1. Convertible Bras

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to invest in a convertible bra. These have straps that can be removed or rearranged, so you can wear them in a variety of ways. You can even get some that have clear straps, which are practically invisible.

2. Strap Clips

hide bra strapsIf you don’t want to buy a new bra, then you could try using strap clips. These are little metal or plastic clips that attach the straps to your clothing. They’re very discreet and they’ll stop the straps from slipping down your arms.

3. Tape

If you’re in a pinch, then you can always use tape to hold your straps in place. Just make sure that you use something that won’t damage your clothing, like clear tape or fashion tape. You can also buy special bras that have strips of adhesive on them to keep the straps in place.

4. Bandeau Bras

hide bra strapsAnother option is to wear a bandeau bra underneath your clothes. These are strapless bras that provide good support without any straps. They’re perfect for wearing under dresses and tops with no back or shoulders. Just make sure that you get one that fits well so it doesn’t slip down during the day.

5. Sports Bras

Sports bras are another type of strapless bra, but they’re usually made from thicker material so they offer more support. They’re ideal for wearing under activewear or when you know you’ll be sweating a lot (like when you go running). Again, make sure it fits well so it doesn’t move around too much while you wear it.

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