5 Beauty Essentials Found Backstage at the Oscars

We got the scoop from top celebrity makeup artists and here are the five beauty essentials they always have on hand backstage at the Oscars.

1. A Good Concealer

Concealer is a must for any big event, but it’s especially important when you’re being photographed from every angle. Make sure to choose a concealer that provides good coverage without looking cakey.

2. A Long-Wearing Lipstick

You want your lipstick to look perfect in all those close-up shots, so make sure to choose a long-wearing formula that won’t smudge or fade. A bright pop of color is always a good choice for the red carpet.

3. A Setting Powder

With all the flashbulbs going off, you’ll want to make sure your makeup is set and won’t budge. A translucent setting powder is a must-have in any celebrity makeup artist’s kit.

4. A Trusty Eye Pencil

Whether you want a smoky eye or a more defined look, an eye pencil is a versatile tool that can help you achieve either look. Make sure to choose a waterproof formula so it won’t budge, even if you get teary-eyed during your acceptance speech.

5. A Mini Beauty Kit

You never know when you might need a touch-up, so it’s always good to have a mini beauty kit on hand. Fill it with essentials like blotting papers, q-tips, and your favorite lip gloss.

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