4 Must-Have Beauty Essentials for a Camping Wedding

So when I heard about this new trend of camping weddings, I have to say, I was a little skeptical. But then I started doing some research, and I realized that a camping wedding can actually be a really beautiful and unique event. And if you’re planning on having one, there are some essential beauty products you’ll need to pack to make sure you look your best and what best way than the  makeup products, and I start to get a little antsy

1. A Good Moisturizer

This is key for any bride, but especially if you’re spending time outdoors. Make sure to pack a rich, hydrating moisturizer that will help keep your skin looking soft and glowing.

2. Sunscreen

Again, this is important for any bride, but especially if you’re going to be spending time outdoors. Choose a light sunscreen that won’t feel heavy on your skin, but will still provide adequate protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

3. Lip Balm

Your lips are going to need some extra TLC if you’re spending time outdoors in the sun and wind. Pack a hydrating lip balm that will help keep your lips looking smooth and soft.

4. A Waterproof Mascara

You’ll definitely want to pack a waterproof mascara to help keep your lashes looking long and thick, even if you end up getting caught in the rain or sweating from dancing all night long.

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