3 Signs You Should Restring Your Pearls


Here are three signs that you should take your pearls to a professional to get restrung:

1. Your Pearls Look Dull

If your pearls look dull or lifeless, it might be time for a restringing. While it’s normal for pearls to lose some of their luster over time, if you notice that your pearls look significantly duller than they used to, it could be a sign that the string is worn and in need of replacement.

2. The String Is Visibly Worn

If you can see that the string is frayed or otherwise visibly damaged, it’s definitely time for a restringing. Not only does this mean that the string is weaker and more likely to break, but it also means that your pearls are more likely to become loose and fall off.

3. The Knots Are Coming Undonepearls-tanzanite-ameethysts-0

If you notice that the knots between the pearls are coming undone, it’s a sign that the string is worn and needs to be replaced. This is a particularly dangerous situation, as it means that your pearls could come loose and fall off entirely. If you notice this, take your pearls to a professional as soon as possible to get them restrung.

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