3 of Doja Cat’s Best Beauty Moments — Doja Cat Makeup Looks Birthday

It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a good beauty moment. Whether it’s a stunning makeup look, a perfect hairstyle, or simply a radiant smile, there’s something about seeing someone at their best that just makes us feel good.

And while there are plenty of celebrities out there who always look amazing, there’s something special about seeing someone like Doja Cat – someone who is unapologetically herself and isn’t afraid to experiment with her look – having a great beauty moment.

So in honor of Doja Cat’s birthday, we’re taking a look back at some of her best beauty moments. From her iconic “Mooo!” video makeup to her bold red carpet looks, these are the moments that made us do a double-take (in the best way possible).

1. That time she wore cow print on her eyes in the “Mooo!” video:

Doja Cat made waves with her viral hit “Mooo!” – and not just because of the catchy song and hilarious video. No, one of the things that people couldn’t stop talking about was Doja Cat’s eye makeup in the video, which featured cow print on her eyelids. It was unexpected, it was fun, and it perfectly matched the tone of the song and video. Plus, it just looked really cool.

2. When she wore blue lipstick and matching eyeshadow on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”:

Doja Cat made her late-night TV debut on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” earlier this year, and she did not disappoint with her beauty look. She wore blue lipstick and matching eyeshadow, along with some seriously long lashes. It was playful and fun, yet still sophisticated – exactly what we would expect from Doja Cat.

3. That time she went completely barefaced for an Instagram selfie:

Sometimes less is more, and that was definitely the case when Doja Cat posted a makeup-free selfie to Instagram earlier this year. She looked gorgeous with her natural hair and skin showing through, proving that she doesn’t need any makeup to look fabulous. We love seeing celebs like Doja Cat embracing their own unique beauty – sans makeup! – every once in awhile.

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