3 Beauty Tools That Contour and Sculpt the Face Without Makeup

With the right beauty tools, you can achieve a contoured look without any makeup at all.

1. Jade Roller

A jade roller is a small, hand-held massager that’s traditionally made from jade stone. When rolled over the skin, it helps to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. It can also help to temporarily tighten pores and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

To use it for contouring purposes, simply roll the jade roller over areas of the face that you want to highlight or downplay. For instance, rolling it along your cheekbones will create a lifting effect, while rolling it down your nose will minimize its appearance. You can even use the roller on your lips for a plumping effect (just make sure not to apply too much pressure).

2. Gua Sha Tool

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing practice that involves scraping the skin with a smooth tool in order to improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage (which can help reduce puffiness).

Gua sha tools are typically made from rose quartz or jade—both of which have cooling properties that can help further de-puff and brighten skin—but they can also be made from other materials like horn or wood. To use one for contouring purposes, simply glide it along areas of the face that you want to highlight or downplay in slow, firm strokes (again using more pressure if you’re looking to minimize something like puffiness). Start at your forehead and work your way down toward your jawline; then move on to your cheekbones before finishing with strokes along either side of your nose. As with the jade roller, don’t apply too much pressure if you’re using a gua sha tool on delicate areas like under-eyes or around the mouth—and avoid going over any active pimples (you don’t want to risk irritating them).

3. Carat Beauty Roller

This is a Face Sculptor Beauty Roller with  smooth rounded that glides along the contours of face adding softness and glow by stimulating the pres and cells through vibrations enhancing your complexion while relaxing the muscles of your face. Get ready to roll into your very own self-care routine with glowing skin.

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