10 Bridal Trends From the 2023 Collections

From more subdued color schemes to smaller wedding parties, everything about 2023 weddings will be pared down. And when it comes to the bridal party, that means fewer attendants and simpler dresses.
“This year we are seeing a trend towards smaller, more intimate weddings,” says Anne Fulenwider, editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart Weddings. “Couples are rethinking every aspect of their day, from the guest list to the décor, and that includes the bridal party.”
So what does that mean for your wedding party’s look? We asked Fulenwider and other top experts to weigh in on the 10 biggest bridal party trends for 2023.
1. Dresses in subdued hues
Gone are the days of brightly colored bridesmaids’ dresses. This year, think softer shades like blush pink, mauve, and pale blue. “The overall palette for 2023 is more subdued,” says Jaclyn Jordan, owner and creative director of Jaclyn Jordan New York. “We’re seeing a lot of ivory mixed with pale blush tones and accents of greenery or Lavender.” If you want your girls to stand out just a bit more, ask them to wear different styles in the same hue or opt for mismatched dresses in similar colors.
2. Romantic fabrics and silhouettes
When it comes to fabric choices and silhouettes, think ethereal and romantic this year. “We’re seeing a lot of billowy fabrics like organza and tulle,” says Jordan. “And as far as silhouettes go, A-line skirts are definitely having a moment.” If you’re looking for something a little different, consider opting for a short dress or even pants instead of a gown for your maids. Just be sure whatever they wear is comfortable enough to dance in!
3. Less is more when it comes to accessories
In keeping with the theme of minimalism, less is definitely more when it comes to accessories this year. “I think we’ll see less jewelry being worn by both bridesmaids and groomsmen,” says Fulenwider. “And when it comes to shoes, I think we’ll see more people opting for comfortable flats instead of heels.” If you do want your girls to wear heels, consider giving them the option of carrying them in a cute clutch or bag so they can switch into them later in the night.

4. Simple updos or loose waves
When it comes to hair, most experts agree that simple updos or loose waves will be most popular this year (with face-framing tendrils left out for a soft and romantic finish). “I think we’ll see less focus on perfectly coiffed hair this year and more on natural-looking styles,” says Fulenwider. So if you have any maids who are DIY hair geniuses, now is their time to shine! Just be sure everyone agrees on the style ahead of time so there are no surprises on wedding day.

5. Minimal makeup (or even going au natural)
The same goes for makeup: Less is definitely more this year (with some maids even going completely au natural). “I think we’ll see bridesmaids really embracing their own individual skin types and working with makeup artists to create looks that accentuate their best features without looking overdone,” says Jordan.” And if you have any maids who are super into skincare (and have been following all our tips!), now is their time to show off their hard work!

6. Subdued florals (or even no florals at all)
Flowers will also be playing a more subdued role this year with lots of greenery mixed in (or sometimes no florals at all). “I think we’ll see couples really thinking outside the box when it comes to flowers this year,” says Jordan.” Instead of using traditional bouquets, I think we’ll see things like flower crowns or even small posies tucked into pockets.” And if you really want to save some money (and help out your local farmers!), consider using fresh fruits and vegetables as part of your décor instead of flowers..

7. Intimate settings (with lots of personal touches)
As mentioned before, intimate settings will be key this year as couples scale back their guest lists (sometimes by hundreds!). And because there will be fewer people attending each wedding, that means couples can really get creative with personal touches throughout the day..”We ‘re seeing couples put a lot more thought into things like place cards and table numbers,” says Fulenwider.”

And I think we ‘ll also see a lot more handcrafted elements like handmade signs or invitations.” So if you ‘re crafty bridemaids out there , now ‘ s your chance to put those Pinterest skills to good use ! n 8 . Unique transportation n With social distancing still being encouraged , expect unique transportation options like decorated buses , cars , or even boats ! So if you have any friends with cool cars , now ‘ s your chance to ask them

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