3 Best Makeup Tips To Make Hazel Eyes Pop

Lets face the truth, there’s no one palette of shadows that will make your eyes pop! You can use any shade you want to achieve a great look!

Tip #1: Use matte colors on the eyelid and in the crease. Matte colors help make eye color more intense by giving them a little more contrast against their natural shine. Try using shades like black, brown or grey to create an elegant smokey eye look with plenty of dimension and depth.

Tip #2: Make sure your brows are well groomed and defined so they frame your face nicely without looking too harsh or unnatural-looking. If you have light eyebrows, use a pencil with an ash tone to darken them up just enough so they match better with your hair color but not too much as it could take away from their natural beauty if overdone!

Tip #3: Fill in sparse areas on top of your lip liner for fuller lips by applying concealer over top it then filling in any gaps between lips with lipstick or gloss for instant results!

This trick also works wonders when trying to cover up small blemishes around the mouth area as well as wrinkles around the corners of our mouths when we smile-a lot easier than trying out fillers at home (although these work wonders too!).

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