10 Beauty Trends Experts Say Are Officially ‘Out’

While some of these may have been fun to experiment with while they were in, now it’s time to leave them in the past and move on to fresher, more modern trends.
Not sure which trends to leave behind? We asked 13 beauty experts to weigh in on which looks are officially out. Read on for their thoughts—and what they’re loving instead.
1. Overdone Highlighting
“Highlighting has definitely taken a turn for the worse,” says Sarah Gibson Tuttle, CEO and founder of Olive & June. “People are going way too heavy-handed with it, making their skin look more like a disco ball than anything else.” Instead of caking on highlighter all over your face, Gibson Tuttle recommends using it sparingly on the high points of your face, like your cheekbones and brow bones. “A little goes a long way,” she says.

2. Caking On Foundation
“I think people have finally realized that less is more when it comes to foundation,” says makeup artist Robert Sesnek. “Gone are the days of caking on a thick layer of foundation in an attempt to cover up everything.” If you’re looking for full coverage without all the heaviness, Sesnek recommends trying a foundation with buildable coverage instead. “It will give you the coverage you want without looking like you’re wearing a mask,” he says.

3. overdone contouring
“Contouring has definitely been overdone,” says makeup artist Quinn Murphy. “People are contouring their whole face, and it just looks unnatural.” If you’re going to contour, Murphy recommends keeping it simple by sticking to the areas where you naturally have shadows—like your jawline and under your cheekbones—and avoiding any areas where there isn’t a natural shadow (like your forehead).

4. Cakey Powder
“Cakey powder is definitely out,” says Sesnek. “It can make your face look dry and can settle into fine lines.” If you’re looking for a powder that will set your makeup without making your face look dry or cakey, Sesnek recommends trying one that’s translucent or light-reflecting instead.

5. Heavy Lip Liner
“Lip liner should enhance your lips, not overpower them,” says Murphy. “I’ve seen people lining their lips way outside their natural lip line in an attempt to make their lips look bigger, but it just looks fake.” If you want to enhance your lips without looking like you ‘ve drawn them on , Murphy recommends using a lip liner that’s one shade darker than your natural lip color .

6 . Matte Lipstick
” I think people are finally realizing that matte lipstick is not flattering on everyone ,” says Gibson Tuttle . ” It can be drying and emphasize any lines or cracks in your lips .” If you ‘ re looking for a lipstick that ‘ s comfortable to wear and won ‘ t dry out your lips , Gibson Tuttle recommends opting for one with a sheer or glossy finish .

7 . Fake – Looking Lashes
” I ‘ ve seen people wearing lashes that look so fake and unnatural ,” says Murphy . ” It ‘ s important to find lashes that complement your eye shape .” If you want lashes that look natural , Murphy recommends opting for ones made from human hair instead of synthetic fibers .

8 . Too – Thick Eyebrows
” I think people are finally starting to realize that thin , over – plucked eyebrows are not flattering ,” says Sesnek . ” Thick , bushy eyebrows are back in style !” If you want thicker eyebrows , Sesnek recommends using an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill them in , rather than an eyebrow gel or pomade ( which can make them look too greasy ).

9 . Glitter Eye shadow

Glitter eye shadow is definitely out,” says makeup artist Robert Sesnek. “It can be really difficult to apply evenly, and it usually ends up looking like a hot mess.” If you’re looking for an eye shadow that’s easy to apply and looks great, Sesnek recommends opting for one with a matte finish instead.

10. Smokey Eyes

While smokey eyes can be incredibly sexy, they’re also very difficult to achieve—and even harder to keep from looking overdone. “I think people are finally realizing that smokey eyes are more trouble than they’re worth,” says Sarah Gibson Tuttle, CEO and founder of Olive & June. If you’re looking for an eye makeup look that’s easier (and less time-consuming) to achieve, Gibson Tuttle recommends trying winged eyeliner instead.

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