Mistakes to Avoid When You Wash Your Bras

mistakes washing bra

1. You’re using the wrong detergent

The first mistake people make when washing their bras is using regular laundry detergent. This can damage the delicate fabric of your bra and cause it to break down over time. Instead, use a mild, lingerie-specific detergent that will be gentle on your bras but still get them clean. You can find these at most lingerie stores or online.

mistakes washing bra2. You’re not hand-washing them often enough

Bras should be washed by hand every time you wear them, especially if you’ve been sweating in them or they’ve gotten wet for any other reason. Washing by hand is more gentle than machine washing and will help prolong the life of your bras. If you must machine wash, do so on a delicate cycle in a mesh bag to protect them from getting tangled up with other clothes and getting damaged in the process.

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