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How to choose the perfect lipstick

Makeup has become a major part of a woman’s grooming routine. And a lipstick completes the look.It was once said that “you know a lipstick looks good on you.. If you look good with it  even with no make up on”. I believe that your shade of lipstick also defines you.. As a person.

According to Wikipedia ” Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing

pigments, oils, waxes , and emollients that

apply color, texture, and protection to the

lips . Many colors and types of lipstick exist. As

with most other types of makeup, lipstick is

typically, but not exclusively, worn by women.

The use of lipstick dates back to medieval


Have you ever walked into a comestic showroom.. And lost yourself.. After seeing the amount of shades of lipstick and glosses before your eyes??  Well, I’m sure we all have! Here are a few easy ways to choose your lipstick that perfectly matches your skin tone.

Choose a lipstick that is two shades darker than your lip tone.

Experiment with colours. Try out as many colours as you want!

During the day it is better to opt for light pastel shades. And go in for a bolder shade during the night.

Red is one colour that matches everything. However be careful to choose the right shade of red according to your skin tone..

And last of all..there are fake stuff out there! Be careful to choose a good branded lipstick paying attention to the quality.

Like I said the perfect lipstick completes your look.. However going wrong with your lipstick could also spoil your entire look!Hence choose wise! Following the little advise mentioned and your own creativity wisely.. Could do the job!  Now you’ve got that perfect pout… And good to go!

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It is really important to keep your mosturised and soft…and I’m sure many of you out there are addicted to your lip balm…well so am I!!!However it is important that you make sure your using the right product…something that is not too harsh!!!

My personal favourite…MAYBELLINE NEW YORK BABY LIPS!! This product is the one thing I can never leave home without.. Well like I said …its the one thing I’m addicted to!! The reason…its amazing!! Its 6hr moisture and translucent colour shine…gives your lips its required moisture and a perfect pout!!! It contains vitamin E and jojoba oil..which helps shed dryness and keeps your lips smooth and plumpy. It’s pure colour system gives it that shimmer and glossy effect…this way I need not use any gloss!!! It comes in eight flavours…my favourite…BERRY CRUSH SPF16 .This product completes my look everyday…!! Its something I would definitely recommend!! Go babylicious!!

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