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A Better Dress Sense

Why have chic fashion sense? Isn’t it enough that you follow the trends and sport the latest in fashion? To be honest, if you want to have a style of your own, then you should be concentrating your efforts on being chic.

A chic fashion sense and a trendy fashion sense are two completely different things. If you’re a fashionista at heart, you already know what I’m talking about. Trends come and go and even return. What makes you think then that that fabulous dress you bought this month will still be fabulous next year?

So how can you develop a chic fashion sense? First of all, what you need to do is figure out what clothes fit your body nicely and what you are comfortable wearing. Forget about suffering for fashion when you can look your best without wincing from pain.

To be able to show off a chic fashion sense, you will need to really be familiar with your body type and research about the style and cut of clothes that will flatter you. For example, an embellished neckline will be more suited to someone with a smaller frame than someone with broad shoulders.

Another way you can develop a chic fashion sense is to look at how some known chic celebrities dress. Observe how they put together their clothes and the colors they wear.
People who have chic fashion sense often inspire fashion trends. Think of Kate Moss and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Being chic is all about having your own style. When you look at how chic celebrities dress, you will notice that all their styles are unique and even come off as effortless. Listen to your inner stylist and buy only what you feel comfortable wearing. No need to show lots of skin to have a chic fashion sense!

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Celebrity Trending – do you really want to know what Nicki Minaj and lady Gaga have in common?

Celebrity fashion influences the hottest trends amongst younger fashion conscious women. Fashion critics can wait to rave or tear an outfit to pieces through their reviews while readers tally the pros and cons, deriving their fashion wardrobe mix . These days even men take their cues from young icons of the media world.

A look back at this year’s celebrity fashion hits and misses can always bring a bit of fun. Studying past trends helps us have a better idea on how to predict trends for next year when it comes to celebrities and what their stylists pick out for them. This fall, leather seems to be the rage.

The latest celebrity fashion news is about Demi Lovato at the Latin Grammys. She wore a dress backwards showing off a plunging neckline. Many fashion critics think it’s a clear miss, but it got the impact it was aiming for.

Lady Gaga continues to be hounded by celebrity fashion critics for her outrageous outfits and Nicki Minaj has joined her in the ranks. Minaj has recently graced the recently concluded Victoria’s Secret fashion show and seemed to have held her own quite well.

The most talked about fashion event was actually the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William and her dress is now an instant classic. Did we mention the hats?

Wedding dresses were the talk of the town and Kim K’s was no exception, although that marriage ended quite fast.

Next year we will see knock offs of these dresses and celebrities will continue to grace the red carpet with fabulous gowns and stylists will be working hard to give them that wow factor. There is no doubt that celebrity fashion will continue to influence current trends for as long as possible.

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